The Town of Vanleer was incorporated in 1915. 
It was named for Anthony Wayne Vanleer who was a large 
landowner farming over 20,000 acres in what’s Vanleer today.


City Events

-Vanleer Town Council meets the 4th Monday of every month at the Town Hall, the public is invited to attend. Council members are: Dwight McIllwain, Ruben Schmittou, Mike Gilmore, Libby Gilmore, & Chris Farmer. Jason Weaver is the Mayor.


-The Vanleer Auxiliary is a non-profit organization committed to helping children of the area achieve a higher education. Members are as follows:

Joyce Adams                  Roger Powell

Keith Gilmore                  Rose Powell

Caroline Gilmore             Jason Weaver

Dwight McIllwain            Sonora Weaver

Teresa McIllwain            Deborah Stanfill

                  Larry Robertson


Fire Department

Vanleer Volunteer Fire Department is an all volunteer group of dedicated and well trained individuals who responds to emergency calls such as fire and wrecks on their own time and risking their lives for the safety of others. This volunteer fire dept was established in 1972. The ISO rating is 5/5. It has five apparatuses  - four trucks & 1 support command unit. It is comprised of 26 volunteer members. The fire chief is Scotty Ingham and the assistant fire chief is Darren Green. This volunteer fire department relies heavily on donations in order to keep it going. Donations can be made at 1st Federal Bank or you can mail donations to:

Vanleer Volunteer Fire Dept

P O Box 121

Vanleer, TN 37181

Any donations are greatly appreciated !!!